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Best Home Gym Flooring

Whether you decide to go with interlocking tiles, rolled rubber flooring, or any other simple equipment mats, there are many benefits of installing proper flooring in your gym.

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The best flooring for your gym not only dampens vibration and reduce the amount of noise coming out of your exercise area, but also protect the floor underneath form heavy machines that tend to scrape the surface when moved and those weights that can dent most normal floors when dropped.

If you are planning to install a proper gym flooring mat on your gym floor, or any other exercise area settings, here are 5 best home gym flooring mats. They have been tested and managed to comes out as some of the best choices anyone could go for today.

Best Rubber Home Gym Flooring

XMark Fitness XMat Ultra Thick Gym Flooring Review

With all that has been said about this type of gym flooring mat, there is no denying the facts that XMark Fitness XMat Ultra Thick Gym Flooring is an essential in any home gym. It is big enough to be placed under a cardio machine and surprisingly strong to withstand the dropping of weights.

Available only in black, this home gym flooring mat measures up to 5 inches in thickness and weighs a round 75 lbs. Whether you are trying to tone your body using intense aerobic intensity cardio exercise or preparing for a sports event, its non-slip and soft surface will in a myriad of ways keep you comfortable and safe all through. Xmark Fitness Xmat Ultra Thick Gym Flooring is heavy, strong and thick; be sure to use it now and for years to come.

Best Home Gym Mats

HemingWeigh Foam Interlocking Tiles Review

Our list of the best home gym flooring mats is not complete if we don’t mention HemingWeigh Puzzle Exercise Mat High-Quality EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles. Looking at the way this gym flooring mat is been designed; it is evident, designers took some of their past trials and errors and improved on them; it is one of those gym mats that can help protect your floor while giving you a comfortable workout area.

HemingWeigh Foam Interlocking Tiles are made of high-density EVA foam for greater comfort and durability. The pieces quickly snap to cover a 24 square foot area, and result in 2 extra edges pieces. When it comes to larger arrangements, additional quantities can be purchased and combined; the best part, the pieces can stay together during use and then easily pull apart when needed. It is light weight and is the most ideal choice for yoga, stretching and Pilates. After all, the non-slip surfaces grips to your gym floor to prevent injuries, and the best part, the moisture resistant skin makes this type of home gym flooring easy to clean and maintain. Amazing isn’t?

Best Floors for Home Gyms

Supermats Solid Heavy Duty P.V.C. Mat Review

For shoppers looking for a high density gym floor accessory, suitable for performing high intensity cardio exercise; well, Supermats Solid Heavy Duty P.V.C. Mat could be it. After all, coming fully complete with super tough and durable PVC, it is one of the most durable home gym flooring mats you could lay your hands on today. It does not even stop there; its non-slip surface is something you might want to talk about; it is suitable for home gyms that are using weight stacks, free weight and any other kind of resistance. If you normally use exercise equipment and machines at home, its sturdy PVC construction can help lower vibration, muffle nose produced by equipment and prevent floor damage.

SupermatsHeavy-Duty P.V.C. Mat is also one of the easiest to clean; with damp cloth you can have this mat cleaned thoroughly and within a very short time. This alone will help prolong the lifespan of your gym equipment and machines by preventing dust from the flool and carpet from entering mechanical parts and belts.

Best Home Gym Floors for the Money

We Sell Mats Premium Foam Floor Mat Review

Each pack normally comes with 6 new charcoal gray tiles with each tile measuring 2’ x 2’ for a total of 24 square feet per six tiles. The interlocking foam tiles are made from premium EVA foam, and this, alone, offers a very comfortable soft surface for exercise rooms, weight room, gyms among others. Although the EVA foam tiles are not sponge-like, there are soft and unbelievably resilient.

This mat has borders and can be used perfectly well in a number of settings such as children’s playrooms, exercise rooms, gym rooms among others. The best part, there are quite a number of colors to choose from, and you can actually experiment with different color combination to design a product that matches your personality and preference. Overall, this mat does it job pretty well, very light and easy to carry around. In short, this We Sell Mats Premium Foam Floor Mat is worth checking out.

Least Expensive Home Gym Flooring

ProSource Puzzle Exercise Mat Review

If you are looking for something that is very simple to assemble, ProSource Puzzle Exercise Mat is definitely what you should be looking at buying real soon. This option comes with dense, interlocking tiles that are easy to assemble. The tiles have all been constructed from high-density EVA foam, giving them a very comfortable, soft fee and amazing durability.

Some of the features that have seen this type of gym mat’s popularity go up are; its foam tiles are waterproof, non-toxic, impact and can protect your floor while giving you a comfortable work out area. With all that from a mat; this option has come out as one of the strongest contenders for professional gyms, home gyms, mma, yoga, gymnastic among other areas. Moreover, unlike other types of gym flooring mats, with this option, you do not need a lot of space to store it well. The interlocking design also makes it easy to move around. Bottom line; with all having said and done, buying this model of home gym interlocking mat can be a very wise investments you make today for the benefits are far reaching.